Vandalism Shocking Trap For Avenger

Vandalism Shocking Trap For Avenger

Nov 12 2017 | 23 MB
'Shocking Trap For Avenger' can't be described in just few sentences. It is truly a game-changing soundset. It brings you perfect fusion of modern sound design techniques. It is a very first and innovative soundbank that came out for Avenger. It doesn't contain nothing that can be find in other sets. It provides you dirty, powerful, vibrato and vocal leads, percussive sounds and synthetic instruments that for sure will take your production to a new level!

• 64 Vengeance Avenger Presets • 32 Leads • 10 Basses • 6 Synths • 5 Plucks

• 3 Sequences • 4 Drums • 2 Voices • 2 Pads • 3 Macro Controls Assigned • ModWheel Assigned

•100% Royalty-Free •


Vengeance Avenger v.1.2.6 +


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