Subsonic Labs Volfram v1.2.1

Subsonic Labs Volfram v1.2.1-R2R

Subsonic Labs Volfram v1.2.1

09 Jan 2018 | 8.1MB
Volfram is a multi-effect processor utilizing a semi-modular design. It has a wide range of effect algorithms, which can be routed and modulated in a flexible way.

Volfram key features:
A wide array of effects: Distortion, delays, phasing, chorusing, cabinet emulation, flanging, pitch shifting, filtering, panning and everything in between.
From easy to advanced: Even if Wolfram can look a bit intimidating, it's easy to disable all but the most basic functions in order to just use part of the power of Wolfram. Unused blocks are grayed out for an easier overview.
Modular design: Blocks can be routed freely anywhere. This also allows for completely separate processing of left and right channels, e.g. use a filtered delay on the left channel and a phased distortion on the right channel.
Several modulation sources: Two free-running LFOs, two tempo-synced pattern generators and an envelope follower. These sources can be routed to almost all of Wolfram's parameters.
A flexible internal preset management system allows for using the same presets between DAWs, between Windows and OS X platforms and between VST2/VST3/Audio Unit versions of Wolfram.
Note: Volfram was previously named Wolfram (changed due to legal reasons).


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