Spitfire Audio Labs Trumpet Fiddle KONTAKT

rCeXHOb.jpg (300×419)

Spitfire Audio Labs Trumpet Fiddle KONTAKT  | 79.71 MB

This is a real attic-special. Christian found this at Hobgoblins in London. I single stringed oddity with a small gramophone horn as it’s resonator it was allegedly the instrument du jour for about six months sometime in the 1910’s, but soon fell out of favour because, well because it sounded just so damned awful.

It does however record well and has miraculously made it’s way onto countless scores mainly because it is featured as part of the “Brunel Loops” in Spitfire’s popular “Albion 1” library. Indeed we’re sure we spotted it being used on Reznor’s seminal score for “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” but don’t quote us on that!



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