Sample Magic White Label Moombahton WAV Refill-AUDIOSTRiKE

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Sample Magic White Label Moombahton WAV Refill-AUDIOSTRiKE  | 582 MB

470+MB of super heavy tribal beats, Gameboy-style synths, speaker-quaking subs, aggressive leads, warped vox, dub-style FX and more in this street-banging collection of moombahton madness.

An urban fusion of grimy basslines, portamento Dutch synths, raggaeton workouts, calypso rhythms and swinging 808 beats, SM White Label serves up dirty, bouncing, bass-crazed loops straight from the underground.

What's Inside

Drum Loops > 95 bumpin' beats loaded with carnival-style rhythms and electro-heavy 808 grooves. Most offered in full, top- and perc-only variants.

Tops Loops > 30 syncopated kick-free workouts bursting with real congas, timbales, bells and whistles and toms, plus assorted raw drum machine hits

Bass Loops > booming subs, dirty sawfests and aggro bass razors covering moombahton to moombahcore.

Synth & Music Loops > 16-bit bleeptronics, Dutch house sliders, electrified screamers and Sega-style melodics: 76 twisted toplines to freak the floor.

Vox Loops > pitched, processed, mangled and mauled voxisms done the moombahton way.

Drum Hits > choice selection of 150 killer kicks, snares, claps, crashes, hats percussion hits.

FX > fat drops, dub sirens, space impacts, screechers, screamers, winders and sliders tempo-synced for easy drag and drop crescendo action.


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