Push Button Bang Sylenth Builds and Breakdowns FXB-MAGNETRiXX

Push Button Bang Sylenth Builds and Breakdowns FXB-MAGNETRiXX  | 7 MB

The essential sylenth collection for generating original epic melodies, crescendos, builds and breakdowns in all your favourite EDM styles.

From main room and progressive house, to trap, dubstep, futuristic electronica and even mainstream pop - everything is here to create rich melodic parts and gigantic fx to spur the emotions of your listeners.

The collection is divided into two banks, with each bank containing one hundred hand crafted, unique presets.

The melody bank contains a rich tapestry of tonal content - including searing leads and bass, electro stabbers, awesome arps and phrases, wops, wiggles, mods and stabs.

The build and fx bank contains a huge array of up-lifters, down-lifters, drop fx, noise tools and modulated builds to go from zero to epic in the turn of a mod wheel.

The majority of sounds have been programmed with the mod wheel or envelopes controlling pitch and filter changes, meaning you draw in your midi pattern and the melody or lifter will build in urgency over time.

Layer up several presets and you can create rich, dynamic crescendo sequences with consummate ease and speed.

With such a great selection of original presets, you will find something to work in every track.

This collection give you invaluable time saving solutions for all your EDM productions and provide a huge selection of melody ideas, progressions and phrases to inspire the builds and breakdowns in your present and future hit productions.


200 Sylenth Presets
1 Melodic Bank including 100 Arps, Sequences, Phrases, Leads & Bass
1 Builds & FX Bank including 100 Uplifters, Downlifters, FX & Noise Tools



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