PlugInGuru Skippy’s BeatTropolis Drum Loops REX2

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PlugInGuru Skippy's BeatTropolis Drum Loops REX2  | 217 MB

Fresh, Flexible and Tasty Drum Loops!

Like a large city that has a confluence from many different cultures from around the world, BeatTropolis is a drum loop library that is dis-organized in a similar way. Some of the most exciting things happening in today's music is the total melting pot of styles, making a drum loop library of just one style sounded limiting... So, in BeatTropolis you will find live Rock drum loops next to Techno loops that are right next to Hip Hop styled loops as well as a huge pallet of unique, inspiring chopped up synthesizer bass lines, chords and sequences.

To make these loops have even more flexible when compared to most Recycle based libraries, John used some advanced recording and Recycle manipulation tricks so that these loops have an incredible tempo range where they sound natural at tempos quite extreme from what their assigned tempo is. Make sure you watch the video tutorial to see how to best use these loops in your musical productions.

And while these were not built specifically for Stylus RMX, we provide additional information in the included Read Me file on how to install this library into Stylus RMX. The power of Stylus RMX is really exciting to apply to loops - you can easily do many things that would be difficult or impossible outside of Stylus RMX. If you want to take these a step further, then combine these drum loops with our Power Pack for Stylus RMX to take RMX to a whole new level of groove making fantasticness!

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