MSXII Sound Schlump Loops 3 WAV

MSXII Sound Schlump Loops 3 WAV

MSXII Sound Schlump Loops 3 WAV

Oct 14 2017 | 104 MB
Oh man, Schlump Loops 3 is here! New drums & loops from the Schlump with a very special edition...processed with Heat. Analog Heat! We've taken this new format of drums and obtainable one-shots within loops and made it bigger and better. These loops SCHLAP.

Using the loops as-is is ok...the beauty in the Schlump Loops series is finding the uniquely characterized one-shots. These stand out from the pack as they were each catered for a specific sound, tone, and texutre. Your favorite chopping program such as Serato Sample will make this process mad easy for you. Cop Schlump Loops 3 and the rest of the series if you already have not. Like always, these are meant to be paired with our Lo-Fi Melodics series of samples! Stay winning, choose MSXII Sound Design.

Kit Features:

•40 x 2 for a total of 80 original, uniquely textured SCHLUMP LOOPS in 16 bit .wav format
•In 2 folders of Dry & Heated...the heated folder being processed by Analog Heat character outboard processor. These are GREAT!
•Numerous tempos, tons of textures, vibes, character, and originality
•Mixed ready to go. Levels set under 0 Db to allow for max idea building, minimum gain staging
•Chop new one-shots, find new grooves, build more distinct loops by mix & matching
•Not for resale, repurposing, sharing or pirating
•Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and iOS apps that accept .wav files


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