MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.10 Incl. Crack and Keygen-R2R

MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.10 Incl. Crack and Keygen-R2R

Oct 22 2015 | 116 MB

Turn your computer into a professional studio!
MeldaProduction MTotalBundle is the ultimate collection of effects, and it currently contains 82 of them. MTotalBundle will convert your computer into a top-class professional sound studio.

MTotalBundle contains all of our effects covering all required tasks: composing, mixing and mastering. With our included free for life updates, any new effect we release moving forward will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system...

The bundle contains traditional plugins as well as our revolutionary technologies, which give you the power to make your recordings sound incredible even if you haven't spent last 50 years as an audio engineer. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and minimal noise level is standard in MeldaProduction.

MTotalBundle 9.10 changes:

MXXX officially released.
Number of MXXX lanes increased to 6.
Position indicator in low frequency oscillators is now optional (can be disabled from the right-click menu).
Added "No reset" switch to MLoudnessAnalyzer.
Improved ADSR editor units including sync units.
Added Scroll automatable parameter to MNotepad, which you can use to automate/MIDI control the text scrollbar.
MXXX category Reverberation renamed to Delay & Reverb.
Moving an equalizer band now shows all basic parameters about the band.
Clicking a middle button on an FX in MXXX shows it as popup window.
Added Report Latency FX to MXXX, which reports latency, but doesn't actually cause any, so it can be used to virtually move to the future.
Latency reporting in MXXX FX's title is now updated everytime a restart is caused (host playback restart, panic button...).
Added "Maximum - Average" graph for all analyzers, which lets you investigate the dynamics of the material.
Added "Mute until ALC" option to MCompare, which lets you avoid bursts of high loudness signals if you compare signals with extreme differences in loudness.
Normalize feature in all analyzers now performs at most +60dB gain increase, which is better when analyzing audio with silent segments.
Infinite averaging analyzer now ignores places with level below -80dB (spectrally).
Fix: MXXX could crash after saving an active preset.
Fix: Restarting playback could make some equalizers send automation.
Fix: MDynamics, MMultiBandDynamics and MSpectralDynamics custom shape didn't update when modulated unless a different parameter has been touched.
Fix: Loading equalizer with more bands than before could cause some nonexistent bands left loaded.
Fix: Preset trigger control parameters didn't do anything.
Fix: Pasting a modulator didn't update the mod button visual state immediately.
Fix: Favourites in directory selectors didn't work if desktop or any other standard directory has been selected before.


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