Loopmasters Stranger Synths WAV REX

Loopmasters Stranger Synths WAV REX

Loopmasters Stranger Synths WAV REX

November 27 2016 | 506 MB
Loopmasters present Stranger Synths – an ambient collection of evolving synth atmospheres from a Grammy Award winning engineer and producer. Featuring heavy analogue synths, lush pads and evolving FX, Stranger Synths is 100% royalty free and is the perfect soundtrack to a strange world in a parallel dimension.

Stranger Synths is the brainchild of Dom Morley, who has worked with a wide variety of artists from Amy Winehouse and Richard Ashcroft to Underworld and Lemonjelly. His obsession with modular synths has meant a whole wall in his studio is now dedicated to his ever-growing collection at his Flint Barn Studio – where Stranger Synths was created.

This collection was inspired by the sounds and moods of the Netflix series `Stranger Things’ and features the sounds of the Mos-Lab, MacBeth, Wiard, Modcan, MOTM and a huge variety of Eurorack modules, recorded through vintage Telefunken mic-pres and treated with an assortment of pedals and outboard compressors and EQs.

Stranger Synths comes as 35 Construction Kits, featuring Arpeggios, Basses, Sequences, Pads, Synths and FX Loops, with 174 separate Loops at tempos between 80 and 110BPM. You’ll be able to mix the cream of the Doms modular labyrinth from the comfort of your own studio, with sounds reminiscent of John Carpenter, Vangelis and the rising Synthwave generation

Stranger Synths has the full frequency range covered, with Sweeps, Bells, Leads, Brass, Chimes and Sequences all primed for a Synthetic future. At 80, 90, 100 and 110 BPM in a range of musical keys, you’ll find the right mix of content for Ambient, Chillout, Soundtracks, Hiphop, Synthwave and Downtempo Genres

In detail expect to find 802MB of content with 174 individual 24 Bit samples. There are 78 Synth Loops, 24 Pad Loops, 20 Arpeggiated Loops, 27 Bass Loops, 13 FX Loops and 12 Sequenced Loops. 181 Rex2 Loops are also included – the pack is available in multiple formats, see the tech specs for more details.

You’ll find Stranger Synths taking you on a journey beyond the future.


802 MB (uncompressed)
24Bit 44.1KHZ
35 Synth Arrangements
78 Synth Loops
27 Bass Loops
24 Pad Loops
20 Arp Loops
13 Fx Loops
12 Sequence Loops
181 Rex2 Files



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