!llmind Every Rose Has Its Thorn WAV

!llmind Every Rose Has Its Thorn WAV

!llmind Every Rose Has Its Thorn WAV

28 April 2017 | 667 MB
Brand new instrumental beat-tape "EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN" Produced entirely by !llmind.

Includes every sound, synth, instrument, bass, etc used as AUDIO STEMS + BPM + the entire EP.

Download contains:

•Over 180 AUDIO STEMS - 13 Tracks Total (snares, kicks, hi-hats, sample loops, basslines, sound effects & more) 1.86 GB worth
•Compatible with any DAW (16/44 WAV format)
•Import the files directly into your DAW of choice & start manipulating away!
•BPM's included
•Full mp3 version of the entire EP

* (Meaning, if you place a record on a MAJOR LABEL using the sample(s), you will split the publishing with !llmind fairly & Co-Production credit (CONTACT: illmind@blapkits.com if this is the case). NO sample clearing hassles at all. If the sample(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you can do anything you'd like with them (upload to Soundcloud, sell the beat to indy artist, include on beat-tape, etc etc).



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