iZotope Elements Suite v2.00 Mac OSX

iZotope Elements Suite v2.00 Mac OSX


14.07.2018 |  882 MB
The Elements Suite:
Everything you need to repair, mix, and master
The iZotope Elements Suite combines four powerful, award-winning audio plug-ins in one affordable package: Nectar Elements, RX Elements, Neutron Elements, and Ozone Elements.

Born from years of audio research and development, Nectar Elements, RX Elements, Ozone Elements, and Neutron Elements are now available in one convenient bundle that not only elevates your audio production, but inspires and enables your creativity.
It’s everything you need, whether you’re recording and editing a podcast, cleaning up guitar tracks or vocals, mixing your first record—or your hundredth.

Release include:

Nectar 3 Elements Plug-In v3.00.194
Ozone Elements Plug-In v8.01.961
Neutron Elements Plug-In v1.00.9
RX Elements Plug-Ins v6.10.2340
RX 6 Audio Editor.app v6.10.2340



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