Industry Kits Soul Pianos V1 WAV MiDi

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Industry Kits Soul Pianos V1 WAV MiDi  |494 MB

Created By A Very Skilled Piano Player "MellowNightz" This Pack Is Stacked Full Of SICK Piano Melodies & MIDI Pattern Files. There Are 200+ Files In All. Ranges From Basic Piano Melodies, Advanced & Complex, Also Left Hand & Right Hand Chord Patterns. This Pack Will Have The Most Un Professional No Skills Piano Player Sounding Like A Legend. Also Keep Im Mind You Do Not Have To Use The Patterns As Piano Melodies. You Could Drop A Brass Preset, Synth Or Anything Else, Change Them Up Or Even Just Learn From Them.

Product Description:
*Instant Inspiration Kit*
Unique Chord Progressions

*Left Hand Movements Kit"
Original Left Hand Piano Movements

*Bonus Wav. Folder*
Includes Additional Loops & One Shot Samples such as:
- Scale Runs (Major, Minor,Whole Tone,etc.)
- Dark Chords & Many More

All Files Are WAV & MIDI & Can Be Used With Any DAW Software.


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