Industrial Strength Records Lowroller NI Massive Aggression NMSV-MAGNETRiXX

Industrial Strength Records Lowroller NI Massive Aggression NMSV-MAGNETRiXX | 5.3 MB

Get ready to lock and load your daw. ISR is about to fire off another another essential DnB sound set for Native Instrument's Massive.

You have been craving more of the nasty ? Well look no further, we asked one the most fierce's producers on earth to create a blinding new set of presets to rip thru any DnB track like a hot knife thru butter.

Fasten your seat belts and hold tight, cause NI Massive Aggression is geared up for DnB, Crossbreed, Dubstep, Hardcore, and just about any mind blowing music style you wish to create. This speaker shattering pack features cutting Leads, blistering Reese Bass's and of course dark effects.

Straight out of Milan's angry suburbs, Lowroller is constantly pushing his music to new heights avoiding all stereotypes, His sound's range from crowd-smashing Hardcore to the most dark and unexplored corners of Drum & Bass. His productions have been leading the way in cross breed DnB like no other.

Lowroller been releasing beats on labels such as Industrial Strength, Prspct Recordings. Nekrolog 1k, Future Sickness & Tainted Audio while also succeeding in collaborations with top notch artists such as Angerfist, Cooh, Lenny Dee and Negative A just name a few.

Massive Aggression features a selection of custom NI Massive sounds to take any idea to the next level. Lowroller's forward assault on Ni Massive brings 90 newly designed presets for you to tare into. The sounds have been loaded up with all the Macro's so you can tweak the sounds till the sun comes up.

We even included a set of ISR bonus presets from across our collection to crank it up a notch if you could believe that. if your serious about Drum n Bass and hard EDM then Lowroller's Massive Aggression is the machete you need to cut thru the jungle.


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