Harrison Mixbus v3.0.2257 Incl.Patch and Keygen-R2R

Harrison Mixbus v3.0.2257 Incl.Patch and Keygen-R2R

2015.10.22 | 74,87 MB

The Harrison of Digital Audio Workstations
With dozens of DAWs to choose from, thereʼs only one thatʼs designed to work like a Harrison, with an analog paradigm that embodies form, function, and sound. Where other DAWs use a computer paradigm, MIXBUS grows from Harrisonʼs distinguished 40-year heritage of platinum records and blockbuster films, such as Thriller, Graceland, and Spider-Man. MIXBUS is the first full-featured DAW with true analog style mixing.

Mixbus provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio or MIDI tracks to your computer; then edit, mix and master your production.

Harrison Mixbus v3.0.2257 Incl.Patch and Keygen-R2R

Mixbus Sounds Better
Other DAWs are designed by companies with experience in computer sound, but no pedigree in world-class recording facilities. The Mixbus DSP mixer is designed by Harrison specifically for its great-sounding EQ, filters, dynamics, and bus summing. If you find a music recording from the golden age of albums - the 70s and 80s - that has stood the test of time, it is likely that a Harrison console was used during the production. Mixbus invites you to produce recordings that will stand with the very best.

System Requirement:
CPU Architecture: Intel, 64bit or 32 bit, 2+ cores/processors required.
OS Version: 10.6.8 or newer, including 10.10 (Yosemite).
Audio: Any CoreAudio-supported hardware.

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