Goldenchild Audio Desi Shakerz Indian Shaker Loops WAV

Goldenchild Audio Desi Shakerz Indian Shaker Loops WAV | 29.75 MB
'Desi Shakerz: Indian Shaker Loops' is an amazing pack of original and high quality 24-Bit format Indian shakers using state-of-the-art recording equipment with performances by top professional players, using different shakers and Indian hand cymbals for each individual 2 bar loop, making this the most authentic Indian shakers sample pack!

Shaker Loops:

The collection is built on core shaker patterns found in Punjabi/Bhangra music as well as core shaker patterns found in Bollywood/Film music. The 2 bar shaker loops come with 4 unique hand cymbals and shakers all playing together flawlessly in perfect pitch, velocity and tempo!


• Gidha
• Punjabi Folk
• UK Bhangra
• Bollywood
• Hip Hop

Each loop is 2 bars in length unless otherwise specified and there are 66 high quality 2 bar loops in total.


Each style contains 4 different tempos:

• 80 BPM
• 85 BPM
• 90 BPM
• 120 BPM

Loops at various tempos are unique from one another, providing unlimited production possibilites. All loops are marked with BPM information.


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