Future Loops Exclusive RNB Beats REX2

Future Loops Exclusive RNB Beats REX2 |  407MB

Future Loops presents the freshest, juiciest collection of R&B beats ! Don’t bother looking anywhere else, this selection brings you the hottest R&B beats out there , just waiting for you to put your groove and lovin’ all around them...

Future Loops created a set of beats, claps , kicks , hats or percussion loops that are crying out for you to make chart topping tracks !

"Exclusive RNB Beats " is offering you a complete resource for R&B beats production. Whether you’re into sexy and curvy sounds, pumpin’ or funky grooves we put it all together and wrapped it up with sensuality, vibe and style!

This is a highly professional collection of samples that will suit all your needs for creating modern, up-to-date R&B tracks that will open up new doors of rhythmic possibilities!

This splendid collection of samples is structured with the user in mind : Beats are provided nice and raw so you can really give them your own special touch!

300 Full Mix Loops : Each beat includes 3 full mix variations

450 Loop Elements : All the individual loop elements (such as kicks, snares, claps, hats, tambourines, maracas, bongos, claves, fx, etc..) are included as standalone loops so you can have total and absolute control over every single element of the beats ! This also means you can combine kicks, hats, claps or snare loops in a million different ways that will result in millions of different R&B beats

300 Fills : Each beat also comes with 3 fills ready to be mixed as you please...

Over 2500 Sliced Hits : We provide you with all the sliced hits from the beats so that you can really give room to your skills and create your own beats from scratch !

All of this makes "Exclusive RNB Beats " ideal for both the newbie and the veteran producer .



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