Cymatics “Pressure” Dubstep Project File ALS LOGIC FL

Cymatics “Pressure” Dubstep Project File ALS LOGIC FL | 789.72 MB
When it comes to sound design, even learning a few new techniques and methods can completely change your production.

That’s why, when we went to create our diamond a project file, “Pressure,” we made sure to use some of the most impactful sound design techniques to create this track.

And now, just by diving into this project file and reverse engineering the presets, you’ll be able to gain insight on techniques that might surprise even the hardened Dubstep Producers.

Introducing even a fraction of these unknown techniques is sure to have a massive impact on your mix and upgrade the quality of your tracks.

So, whether you’ve been waiting for a breakthrough in our sound design or just want to add some spice to an already mature mix, “Pressure” is the project file for you.


Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FL
File Size (Zipped): 789.7 MB
File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio)


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