Cymatics Pixels 8-Bit Samples & Loops WAV MIDI

Cymatics Pixels 8-Bit Samples and Loops WAV MiDi

Cymatics Pixels 8-Bit Samples & Loops WAV MIDI

Dec 22 2017 | 143.10 MB
One of the reasons people go back to playing old video games is the pure nostalgia it brings.

There’s something about the 8 bit look and feel that makes people excited and intrigued once again.

Included in that is the phenomenal 8-bit musical scores.

Composers like Koji Kondo, David Wise and Nobuo Uematsu didn’t have programs like Ableton Live or FL Studio to write some of the most memorable scores in video game history..

But you do.

Don’t miss the chance to add an old-school, 8-bit flavor to your music – Download Pixels now!

Included in this pack:

25 Drum Loops
65 Drum One Shots
20 FX
25 Melody Loops
20 One Shots


Format: .WAV / .MID
File Size (Zipped): 143.1 MB
File Count: 175 Samples


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