AngelicVibes 808 Overload Sound Kit WAV

AngelicVibes 808 Overload Sound Kit WAV

15 May 2018 | 88.9MB
The 808 Overload sound kit covers all of your 808 needs. You may be asking, “How”? We’ve designed 100 different 808 samples from scratch in all kinds of styles that are used in today’s Hip Hop music. Now you can add that perfect banging 808 sample to your beats with ease. Just cycle through the samples, find one that fits the beat you are making, then drop it into the mix! This 808 sound kit is the go-to pack for music producers and will be for you too.

100 samples in one folder
Easy to use – key labeled
Punchy & hard hitting 808s
Powerful sub kicks
Expertly designed from scratch
All eq’d & compressed
Standard wav files
100% royalty-free
808 Overload works with any software compatible with the standard WAV (.wav) format.


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